Tax Consultancy

Deep and wide experience and knowledge, enabling the delivery of:
  • Innovative tax solutions
  • Dispute resolution services
  • Compliance reviews
  • Structuring advice
  • Tax Training
My tax knowledge and experience have been developed through initial rigorous HMRC training as a fully qualified Inspector of Taxes, subsequent qualification as a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)   and 27 years experience of advising High Net Worth individuals, OMB's  inward investors and plcs as a Partner with PwC and latterly as an independent adviser.

The specialist areas where I can add most value to your business are

Innovative Tax Solutions

I have developed an approach to tax issues based on detailed research and understanding of the legislation, HMRC and industry practice. This enables me to produce innovative solutions that others might not have thought of. Recent examples include:
  • A methodology for accelerating tax relief on capital expenditure. This is not tax a  planning scheme, but is  a fresh interpretation, supported by leading tax counsel,  of existing legislation
  • Converting an apparently taxable foreign exchange gain of about £20 million into a non-taxable capital gain (national infrastructure company)
  • Enabling  tax losses to be claimed against taxable income through rationalisation  of a property portfolio 
  • Structuring a private company sale to minimise capital gains and other taxes.

Dispute resolution

Experiences gained through working in the tax advisory profession and with HMRC give me a unique insight into how to conduct negotiations and what approaches are likely to succeed. Applying the principled negotiations approach enables the client to understand fully HMRC's position and to explore all options to bring about a good settlement, often encompassing agreement of other outstanding issues. My recent experiences include:
  • Resolving a long running capital gains tax dispute with HMRC,  securing an additional  tax repayment in the process
  • Advising a high -profile non UK business on its PAYE obligations, and assisting with prior year disclosures to HMRC in a way that minimised the liability
  • Negotiating a favourable settlement, with HMRC,  of tax  liabilities arising in respect of an Employee Benefit Trust 

Compliance and Planning Reviews

About 25% of tax returns are materially wrong HMRC review only a small percentage of submitted returns and their focus is on returns which are likely to understate tax liabilities. In consequence, an error resulting in an over-payment of tax is unlikely to be spotted. I undertake reviews of tax computations, on a contingent fee basis if required, to identify whether material errors can give rise to a tax repayment. 

Tax planning health-checks for private companies and the family shareholders frequently reveal opportunities to restructure and , claim pension and other reliefs to reduce the overall tax burden both retrospectively and going forward

My recent experiences include:
  • Identifying a failure, over many years, to claim mortgage interest relief against rental income. Claims  for back year produced significant tax repayments for the individuals concerned
  • Restructuring the directors remuneration, dividend payments and  pension contributions in a family business  reduced the overall tax burden for the future as well reducing current year payments on account.  

The structure of business entities ca  have a material impact on the amount of tax they pay. Furthermore the structure  can become a critical issue at the time of business disposal.  Businesses should look at their structure regularly, in the light of an ever-changing tax landscape of new reliefs being introduced and old reliefs being withdrawn,  well in advance of a disposal even being contemplated, to optimise possible tax savings.

Recent experiences include:
  • Reorganising a wealthy individual's private investments to crystallise  capital losses which were then used  to shelter  £100k of taxable gain.
  • Creating tax assets worth in excess of £5 million, which a purchaser paid for, out of previously stranded interest deductions.
  • Setting up a new group company to provide intra-group services 


In the ever more complex world of taxation how do you keep up? How do you make sure you are getting all the reliefs you are entitled to, that your affairs are being planned to minimise future taxation demands and that you are not falling foul of increasingly draconian tax rules?

The size and nature of your business is likely to dictate whether you can afford to employ in-house tax personnel, or whether you rely on external advisers. Whatever your situation, you can enhance the quality of your tax affairs through internal training. I provide tailored tax training, delivered on your premises in the following areas:
  • In depth, topic-specific corporate training to in-house company tax departments training for accounts departments on tax compliance - corporate and income tax, PAYE, VAT, Subcontractors scheme.
  • Up-date training for tax professionals in accountancy and legal firms eg Budget updates
  • One-to-one tailored training for finance directors, private office managers etc.

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