High Net Worth Individuals

Providing the assurance that busy people need

Highly motivated, wealthy and busy people frequently find that they do not have the time or the inclination to manage their personal affairs with the rigour, attention to detail and indeed innovation that they give to and expect of their business activities. Among the risks they run are:
  • Missing opportunities because they haven't the time to filter and look at everything that comes their way
  • Making inappropriate investments through insufficient due diligence
  • Paying excessive professional fees because their affairs are unnecessarily complex and opaque or because they haven't the time to ensure they are getting value for money 
  • Poor, or no, project management leading to business and project failures
Having a trusted advisor who can attend to these areas brings considerable peace of mind and can save significant amounts of time and professional fees.

People who would be likely to benefit from this service are entrepreneurs, busy executives  and independently wealthy families.

I have provided this service to a Times Rich List 100 entrepreneur and I currently do so for individuals in the entertainment and leisure industries. The service is highly tailored to meet the individual's needs and can best be illustrated by examples of the areas I have worked on:
  • Developed a personal, medium term income/expenditure/ capital management strategy and operating plan for two entrepreneurs  who became cash-rich  on the sale of their company
  • Project- managed the purchase, refurbishment and ownership structure of an individual's family home/ business hub
  • Advised on a large prospective investment in an independent company